IP rights need to be maintained in certain periods. Maintaining means paying renewal and annuity fees. Our renewal team is responsive and knowledgeable enough about all proceedings all around the world. We do our work cost-effectively and we are persistent on monitoring and reminding the payment due dates.


Almost in all countries, patents, trademarks and designs should be renewed or maintained in certain periods.

Trademarks are commonly renewed every ten years after registration and designs are renewed every 5 years but up to 25 years at most.

As to patents, renewal periods differentiate in each country jurisdiction. In some countries, renewal fees (annuities) are required for pending applications, in some others they are required in certain time periods after grant.

Specific to Turkey, our country of service, trademarks are renewed every ten years (calculated from filing date), designs are renewed every five years but upto 25 years and patent applications are required to be renewed as from 3rd year.

Features of our renewal services are as follows:

  • We provide timely reminders of approaching deadlines
  • We can provide you with quarterly and annually renewal projections
  • We provide competitive rates for renewal fees and present substantive discounts if you entrust your large portfolios.

We are also savvy about requirements of each foreign jurisdictions and we are working with trusted foreign associates to renew patents, trademarks and designs with the most competitive rates.

Do you have any questions about patent, trademark and design renewals in Turkey? Please visit our FAQs section to find answers to your questions.

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