IP rights are dynamic. During their lifetime, they go through changes, e.g. they are sold, licensed, pledged etc. or their owners’ name or address changes. We are right here to help you to record any changes with our experience and knowledge.


It is very important to keep IP registries up-to-date, otherwise, there arise some unexpected conflicting and delaying issues in using or enforcing your IP rights.

Documentation and formalities for recording any changes differ from country to country and require special attention to details.

Specific to Turkey where our practice is established, we are experienced on handling all kinds of recordals, change of name or addresses, assignments, licenses, pledges etc. in best manner. Our recordal team is highly capable of overcoming most complicated recordal projects, especially on assignments and licenses.

We are providing preliminary advices free of charge how to proceed to a recordal project before you take any action, so you can avoid costly mistakes. Our fees for recordals are competitive and flexible in case of multiple and large recordal projects.

Do you have any questions about recordals in Turkey? Please visit our FAQs section to find answers to your questions.

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