Whether you are a multinational company, technology transfer office, law office or small business, we can help you with an excellent team of IP professionals for your patent-worthy inventive activities.

Patents Overview

In a marketplace where competitiveness is at high stake, patents play key role to have competitive advantage. We recognise patents’ high importance and make your inventions our key priority to protect, enforce your rights and commercialize your assets.

Patents prevent others from using your invention. We know that your patents are an important part of your success in the market and they need to be best protected. We are knowledgeable in patent drafting, prosecution and enforcement issues to enable you to take advantage of your patents before your competitors.

We provide full patent services directly with the following particulars:

  • Preliminary searches before filing to evaluate patentability of your model,
  • Drafting patent specifications in coordination with your perspectives,
  • Filing patent application and prosecuting the same,
  • Filing patent application in other countries or regions, specifically PCT applications, European patent applications and Eurasian patent applications, and conventional patent applications in the counties of interest,
  • Where necessary we translate patent specifications into English for filing the application abroad.

If you are searching for a Turkish or European Patent Attorney, you can rely on us in handling all your patent issues in most comprehensive way. We have also trusted network of foreign associates to ensure patent applications around the world cost-effectively and reliably.

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Patent Drafting

Without any doubt, drafting patent applications are vital for protecting an invention. In short, patent specifications should be meticulously drafted.

We are working closely with you while drafting patent specifications. We first understand your business, then comprehend concept behind the invention, investigate your prototypes and ideas to extract the details of invention and pay attention to your commercial goals. Our patent attorneys are highly skilled and excel in drafting patent specifications thanks to their industry backgrounds and long professional experiences on patents.

Quality draftings mean strong protection. It is professionally known that any deficiency could make patents unusable. Recognizing the necessity of excellency, we are taking utmost attention in drafting patent specifications.

Our drafting spans many technical fields, some of which are mechanics, electronics, chemistry and pharmaceuticals. We have acquired solid skill in the drafting work over the years, enabling us to produce strong patents for you.

We know that technical capability is core in drafting whereas commercial concerns should be also taken into account while drafting. Our patent attorneys have deep commercial insight in their draftings and form claim structure considering your commercial expectations.

We also prepare drawings for patent applications considering patent office’s requirements.

Patent Filing & Prosecution

We are filing and prosecuting national, European and PCT applications, and local applications around the world through local agents in every country.

Patenting process usually takes approx. 2-3 years and there are huge prosectional work to do. Every stage of prosecution cover due dates to meet and we have strong capability of monitoring deadlines by online tools and sceptic formality staff.

During the prosecution, there are search reports, examination reports, Office actions, oppositions etc. Our patent attorneys are highly skilled to prepare response to written opinions, examination reports and Office actions before Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, European Patent Office and International Bureau of WIPO.

We can prosecute patent applications in any country through local representatives. We are acting quite selective in working with local agents and we are closely co-operating with them to overcome any objections due to examination reports or Office actions. We also watch any legal changes in any country to be up-to-date for providing best advices and strategies for you.

Oppositions & Appeals

Whether you need to defend an opposition, or oppose a patent, we can help you with our expertise.

Key factor in opposition proceedings is having the knowledge of how the Patent Offices prosecute the cases in view of the law in respect of novelty and/or inventive step. It requires specific and deep knowledge and comprehensive approach and we have over the time developed and collected wealth of knowledge of law and procedures at Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and European Patent Office to meet the client’s needs whether they are defendant or opponent.

Freedom to Operate (FTO)

Launching a new product or service into the marketplace is exciting. Before launching, it is highly important to understand potential infringement risks so that commercialization of product or service intended to be launched does not infringe any third party patents.

Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) searches function to determine potential infringement risks identifying patents that a new product or service may fall into scope of.

Since patents are territorial, our FTO search identifies granted patents in force and pending published applications within your specific territory of interest. Our search can also cover PCT applications that may enter into the national stage and foreign as well as expired patents.

After listing any potentially relevant patents that come up during the search, we analyze these patents to determine whether there is any infringement risk to your product, process, or service.

Upon completion of our analysis, we provide well-formatted FTO report covering the potential claims in specific patents, their bibliographic data, and the patents’ current legal status as well as our comprehensive opinion.

Infringement & Validity Opinion

Sometimes you need to defend yourself against infringement claims argued by a patent holder. And sometimes you need to take action against an alleged infringer in view of your patent.

We can provide you with an expert opinion on whether you have violated rights of others. Similarly, we can provide advice whether potential infringer is actually infiring your patent rights.

We can also investigate about validity of patent of someone in view of any prior art documents and give our expert opinion. That opinion can be sole invalidity opinion, or come with an infringement opinion if you are likely infringing someone’s patent rights.

Based on infringement and/or validity opinion, you can take action against infringer, you can be prepared to defend yourself by counter non-infringement claims or think over possible settlement. We can provide for you with litigation and intermediary support with our legal associates experienced in the patent litigations. While associate litigators are performing their legal job, we can also accompany you during possible court proceedings with our technical expertise.

Portfolio Management

We give advices on all aspects of IP portfolios. We talk to our clients, understand their needs for patent protection and give our advices when and where to file and develop various filing and prosecution strategies.

If you are planning to file abroad, we are drawing best strategy for filing projects considering target markets, international and regional filing systems and costs associated with each filing systems.

We can also review available IP portfolios and check if they are up-to-date and put them in order and generate tailored reports to provide clear landscape.

We know that it is costly to maintain existing IP rights as they need to be renewed periodically, mostly each year. Budgeting is an important side for maintaining IP rights and we can help you in selecting IP rights to maintain and accordingly budget expected costs for that purpose.

Due Diligence

In the field of IP, we typically need to assess a company’s IP portfolio and/or product(s).

Due diligence is an investigation conducted in the case of business transaction due to merger, acquisition, or purchase of a company. In the business transaction, you may need to assess IP portfolio and/or products of the company of interest.

We can investigate the status of patents and applications, entitlement, and validity of the patents as well as products which are subject to IP protection.

Due diligence requires different professions (lawyers, accountants, financial experts, venture capitalists) to get involved in assessment process and we can be a part of the assessment project group as professional IP advisors.

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