Your designs are like your signature. They deserve protection. Our professionals are ready to help you on the path to the registration.

Designs Overview

Designs are the key factor for a product to get commercial success. They are about how products appear; specifically they protect shape, patterns or colors of a product. In today’s visual oriented word, designs have high importance, even over functionality of a product and are extremely significant to appeal consumers’ attraction in the market.

We are knowledgeable enough in identifying and protecting your precious Design rights. Creative designs are vulnerable to copying in the world of internet and 3D printing and it requires deep professional experience to protect your designs. We are with you to get protection for your designs by our experienced people dominating every aspect of design protection.

Our design attorneys are nationally and internationally experienced for providing first-rate design services.

Filing & Prosecution

Our trademark and patent attorneys are highly experienced in the filing and prosecution of design applications before Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TURKPATENT). We are also experienced in International design registrations by use of Hague System before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

We are helping you prepare drawings or pictures of products from the perspective of filing requirements. It is highly important to provide correct drawings and pictures of products and determine which part is required for registration to get broad protection.

We can also assist you in which countries you should get protection for your designs. In doing so, we are taking into account regional and international systems to enable you to have the most cost-effective route in securing your design rights.

Through our trusted network of foreign associates we can secure design protection in all other countries, so you will have the best and most cost-effective service.

When we get any official notices, we keep you alerted and reminded to take action.

Do you have any questions about design registrations in Turkey? Please visit our FAQs section to find answers to your questions.

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