Turklegal is a fast-growing and full-service intellectual property firm headquartered in Bursa, one of the most industrialized cities of Turkey.

We are a team of long career intellectual property professionals of high expertise, each of us having specialization on different sides of Intellectual Property.

What we do

We provide the best possible practice for our clients in all aspects of intellectual property, mainly focusing on patent and trademark protection. Specifically, we are drafting, filing, prosecuting and opposing and appealing as well as involved in legal protection to defend our clients’ rights by expert opinions, due diligence reports, FTOs, investigations.

Our approach is to provide high quality, tailor-made and practical intellectual property services for our clients.

In view of Intellectual property going hand in hand with innovation and competition, we provide dynamic IP services needed by innovative and competitive organizations.

What makes us different

We understand innovation and ideas behind it. We have sufficient tools and expertise to handle intellectual property and put it in the context of commerce. In today’s competitive environment, we help our Clients one step ahead by using their intellectual property rights and allow them to make the best business decisions. Above all, we listen to our clients' perspectives so we completely understand their needs for IP protection. For that, we are continuously developing our professional knowledge to keep pace with fast-changing business. Our distinctive power is due to expertise of our staff of different backgrounds.

What we propose

Whatever you need for your IP issues, our team of experts is ready to help. Our staff will help with a responsive, straightforward, practical approach. You will have immediate access to our high quality IP advisory service, benefiting from our wealth of experience and reliable knowledge.


Oktay Şimşek

Turkish Patent & Trademark Attorney

Tahnur Yazıcı

Turkish Patent Attorney